MAGLITE lanterns have a long history, each lantern carries its own, and now, with Asante, you can start yours. All you have to do is choose the perfect MAGLITE lantern for you.

Everyone has their own reason for choosing a MAGLITE lantern. Perhaps it is your father who holds one in his car or a friend who always brings a lantern with him.
Whatever torch you need, MAGLITE can always offer you a suitable model. You now have the ability to own a lantern with the latest LED technology!

The MAGLITE factory opened its doors in 1979 and today does not stop producing excellent quality lanterns for every taste and need. Our products are used by users around the world - law enforcement, military, and ordinary people. Each one of them has its own Mag story about its choice of flashlight.

Now is the time to write yours. Let's start with finding the perfect product for you from the MAGLITE family that suits your personal needs.

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