When the first bottled water for sale in Bulgaria appeared thirty years ago in Bulgaria, everyone was amazed how to buy water in the supermarket - it flows from the tap. Today it is quite natural to buy water and dispose of tons of disposable bottles and disposable cups every year ...

If you think about it, the tap water remains the most common and sure source of water. Except for some emergency situations after replacing the water supply, tap water is of high purity and fully fit for drinking. It is time to think, start using reusable containers and reduce waste in nature.

The same can be said for hot drinks, which we enjoy with pleasure on the way to work. How many times have we fingered our fingers, not to mention the stained clothes and upholstery of the car caused by poured or plucked glasses.

This has already passed: Contigo has a solution for you - cups that do not flow and run, while keeping the temperature of the hot or ice drink for hours guaranteeing maximum enjoyment. Contigo's thermal mugs, water bottles, kid bottles and other products are designed for practical users looking for elegant solutions to everyday challenges. The wide range of easy-to-use glasses, jars, and home, road and sports bottles combine style and durability, elegance and robustness - the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Many of the products have been awarded prestigious design awards, which is another proof of the uniqueness of Contigo.

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