In 2013, a group of of creative people came together for an evening of discussion. We talked about the rapid change of technology, specifically in our financial system. The way in which we pay would change significantly by the brand-new introduction of contactless payment. Our main thought: even though our cards are equipped with RFID or NFC technology, they are not protected against electronic pickpocketing or skimming. It was then that we came up with a solution and that c-secure was born.

Our solution

What we need today are wallets and cardholders that are skimsafe. Wallets that protect your money, using innovative technology. Why? Because wireless readers that steal your data can read through any fabric or leather. In order to stop the radio waves, your wallet needs RFID-protection. This is where c-secure comes in. We offer the perfect solution: a wide collection of stylish wallets and cardholders with RFID-protection.

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